June 14, 2024

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We covered a lot of ground on our YouTube channel @76research this week! To help you sift through it all, we’ve prepared some summaries below. Enjoy! (And subscribe to the channel to stay updated on all our new content!)

NVIDIA: Buy or Sell?

With a $3 trillion market cap and now representing 6% of the S&P 500, NVIDIA (NVDA) has quickly become one of the greatest commercial and investment success stories of all time. Is there STILL more upside? What is the basis for the valuation? And what are the key RISKS? We examine the NVDA investment case from ALL angles.

NVIDIA: Buy or Sell? Trish Regan, Rob Hordon Weigh the Risks and Rewards

NVIDIA at $3 Trillion: Buy or Sell?

Red States Get a Stock Exchange

The Texas Stock Exchange is looking to break the NYSE/Nasdaq duopoly and is expected to function as a non-woke alternative for businesses in the “southeastern quadrant.” But why is ESG champion BlackRock behind this venture?

Economic CIVIL WAR: Red States Get a Stock Exchange

Economic Civil War: Red States Get a Stock Exchange

Investors Bail on Mexico

Both the Mexican peso and Mexican stocks have sold-off in the wake of Berkeley-educated climate scientist Claudia Sheinbaum’s landslide victory. With her left-wing populist Morena party at or close to supermajorities, the market is focused on potentially damaging Constitutional reforms.

Sheinbaum's LANDSLIDE Victory in Mexico: Why Investors Are Freaking Out

Sheinbaum’s Landslide Victory: Why Investors Are Freaking Out

Emerging Market Stocks: A Lost Decade

The negative impact of Sheinbaum’s victory in Mexico is a good occasion to reflect on just how poorly Emerging Market stocks as a whole have performed over the past decade, especially relative to the U.S. market. We take a look at what has gone wrong across the EM landscape.

What's Wrong with EMERGING MARKET Stocks: A Decade of Pitiful Performance

What’s Wrong with Emerging Market Stocks?

Our Approach to Stock Picking

Our Model Portfolios have different themes but share a long-term orientation and emphasis on business quality. Learn more about how we blend macro insights with detailed bottom-up analysis to produce a carefully curated set of recommended investments.

How We Approach STOCK PICKING: Trish Regan, Rob Hordon of 76research Explain Investing Strategies

How We Approach Stock Picking

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Jensen Huang’s American Journey

NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang came to the United States without his parents, was sent to reform school in Kentucky and worked as a busboy at Denny’s. He’s now worth $100 billion and leading a technological revolution. We take a look at the man behind the $3 trillion company.

NVIDIA's JENSEN HUANG: From Busboy to Billionaire

NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang: From Busboy to Billionaire

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