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The investment landscape has seen profound changes. The Founders of 76research bring a unique perspective that pairs a sophisticated understanding of ongoing political and cultural shifts with unparalleled knowledge of markets and the global economy.

Trish Regan

Co-Founder and Executive Editor

An award-winning financial journalist, Trish Regan is also a digital entrepreneur who in just a few short years has become a leading voice in social media on political, economic and business topics. The daily livestreamed Trish Regan Show now generates over 16 million views per month.

Whether breaking down complex market developments or crucial policy debates, Trish always cuts to the heart of the matter with facts and authority.

A highly rated anchor on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business, Trish has moderated Presidential debates, interviewed heads of state and been recognized for groundbreaking investigative reporting. She has experience with a wide variety of public speaking engagements from investment conferences to political organizations to educational and other non-profit groups.

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Rob Hordon

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist

Rob Hordon has been a successful research analyst, arbitrageur and portfolio manager over a multi-decade Wall Street career that has taken him around the world.

As a fund manager and industry thought leader, Rob has offered guidance to thousands of financial advisors and wealth management professionals. He has presented at investment conferences throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and been keynote speaker at various corporate and client events.

With an academic background in political science and a passion for history, he is also deeply interested in policy. In addition to markets and investing, Rob is always keen to share his views on international relations, macroeconomics and other areas of intersection between the political and business realms.

Read Rob's full bio here.

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